Strength in Vulnerability

When you think of success- what do think of first? Money, time, family, a nice home, nice cars, vacations, etc? Those items may be what our society deems as evidence of success- but the true question is what defines success for you on an individual level? 

During my time in college as I was looking into the world of teaching so many times we came across the idea that all children are unique in terms of potential, ability and talents yet all are capable of success in their own measures. As we grow and mature as part of the society around us we loose sight of those very differences that outline what ‘success’ means to each of us individually. Now, don’t get me wrong, I personally find a lot of motivation in seeing what opportunities others have opened up for themselves and desiring to obtain that opportunity too- however- I only strive for those that I know will bring joy and happiness to my quality of life. My view on obtaining those opportunities is simple. We each have a unique set of skills and by implementing them to the best of our ability we can push life to the next level. 

But what if while you are reading this you are saying to yourself- yah sure- that’s great and all, but if I only had the time I would make the changes needed to get myself to the next level. I would challenge you to think do you really not have the time or do you simple have a fear of vulnerability? It’s a brash question- but one I ask myself daily when faced with any fork in life’s road. Do I really have an obstacle in my way or am I just afraid of the risks involved with making it happen.

Human kind feels a natural tendency of threat when we are placed in a vulnerable position. But not al vulnerability is bad- on occasion it might just be the very place you find your strength. Think about it- how many great leaders has our world known- how many of them got where they were through struggle, adversity, discomfort, unease? It is through these feelings and positions of vulnerability that great strength and clarity of what our hearts want can be found. 

If you find yourself stuck at a fork in the road- I challenge you to define your own personal successes and allow the position of vulnerability to provide clarity to your hearts desires and your inner strength. When we are weak, so are we strong. 

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Getting Started: A Career with Young Living

So.. Why Young Living? The following excerpt comes from the Young Living website itself. However, you can also find MY REASONS – here.

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Being a Young Living member goes beyond simply building a thriving business, however. You will also enjoy extensive networking opportunities, exclusive hands-on experiences, and a strong sense of community. Some of the unique benefits of Young Living membership include:

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-xoxo Chelsea

Careers: An Essential Mindset


How many of us go through life being told “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life?” ? I know that growing up that is all I heard. I was fortunate to be surrounded by a large family and friends that supported any endeavor I set my mind to. “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.” What does this mean? What do I love? What do you love or better yet- what do we love enough to pursue with our entire lives?

At the young age of 13 I started training as a classical vocalist and carried this training through high school. I was always involved in anything musical and even ran the music department my senior year. When looking to start college and choose a career that I would love and never have to work a day in- I chose music. I completed four years of undergrad and received my BM in Vocal Music Education. I loved every minute of it and as every young college graduate is – I was thrown into the real world in the blink of an eye to embark on doing what I love.

Then why couldn’t I make myself apply for jobs?  I loved my music.

All of sudden I was faced with the grim reality that while I loved my music and the experiences I had gathered over the years-  I didn’t love it enough to pursue it with my entire life. I spent hours thinking about what my goals in life were and I came to the conclusion that I had spent four years of schooling convincing myself that I was chasing my goals- but I had my goals all wrong.

What if doing what you love, even though it doesn’t feel like work each day, doesn’t provide the path necessary to achieve the ultimate goals and dreams you have for life? What if my ultimate goal wasn’t to “never work a day in my life”- but rather to do whatever it takes to achieve more?

I made a decision. I had to make a completely 180 degree change.

Through a few rounds of networking- I entered a corporate office and met the VP of one of the most successful divisions. I had every interview question answer practiced and perfected and I was ready to make the best impression I knew how. Then the question came, “what do you want in life?”.  OH MAN?! Really?  This question again? I wracked my brain for the perfect answer, opened my mouth ..and… nothing. I was done lying to myself. I sat back in my chair, loosened up my blazer, crossed my legs and let out a whole bout of honesty.

“I want to change things. I want to change my situation- I want financial freedom, I want to pay for my children to go to college, I want to pay off my student loans, I want to buy a house, I don’t want to live pay check to pay check, I want to help others, I want my family to have security, I want more than what I was set up with. I want to achieve more.”

The VP’s response was this: “Good. We only hire people who are hungry. Your career should be a bridge to the type of life you want to live.”

And it hit me. “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, but be willing to do what it takes and understand that each day at work is building a bridge to the type of life you will love to live.”

So my challenge to you all is this: what are your goals? What do you love enough to pursue with your entire life each and every day?  My goals are simply this: to change the world around me, reach my every aspiration, own a home, put my children through college, and live a financially stable life. I love my family enough to work each and every day in life. I may not love the work day in and day out. But I do love that each day builds that bridge and brings us one step closer.

-xoxo Essentially Me.