Inducing Lactation: Breastfeeding for Adoption (Part 3- my journal) 

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Otherwise, here is my journal of inducing lactation!


Day 1 – ok, so today is the day I went off the  birth control regime and I am so happy! Anyone who knows me knows I hate stuff like that so I feel so happy to not be on it!

Last night a good friend of mine came over and showed me how to work the breast pump. It was simultaneously the most awkward yet helpful conversation. She is a nurse and an all around wonderful person and was seriously a wrath of knowledge. I feel like I went from “literally no clue what I’m doing” to ” huh, that’s it? “. So happy to have advice from fellow pumpers!

I also started a regime of domperidone to help increase prolactin production. You can do a quick google search for it!

While I can confidently say that I am not a fan of the pumping at night- I love my sleep- day 1 is in the books!

Day 3 –  first off, not a fan of pumping in the middle of the night. If you know me – I do not like losing my sleep, so this plan isn’t helping. I will be pumping as much throughout the day and will see how far I can take it without the night time pump. I will add that in later if need be.

Afterall, my goal right now is to get it going – when baby is here and latching, everything will be different.

Day 4 –  (writing today) yesterday was day 4 of pumping – four days of domperidone and pumping every 2-3 hours.  I went to lunch after our homestudy appointment with my husband and had a beer with lunch. Came home, started pumping and bam!  Things are starting to happen!

I ordered fenugreek capsules and goats rue from amazon. I will begin adding those to my regimin each day.

I also baked some brewer’s yeast chocolate chip oatmeal lactation cookies – this has been a great way to get some added supply help.

The kicker really has been adding my fennel essential oil to the mix – a little added every time I pump to help increase prolactin stimulation.

Day 5-  Pumped earlier today and got a little less than half an ounce! What?!!??!?!!?

Day 6 – Pumped about 2 ounces total for the entire day. Eating my weight in lactation cookies!! 😉 Gotta keep it goin’!


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