Hell0- My name is Chelsea. I am a young woman – going through the journey of life the same as each of you. I am a business woman, a wife, an entrepreneur, friend, daughter, sister, auntie, aspiring mother, soon to be adoptive mother, dog mom and more. The goal of my writing here is to provide encouragement and hope to young women and young families all around to not only pursue your goals and dreams but to know you are capable of so very much and that you truly can balance it all. If your are looking for a place of inspiration for the workplace, your marriage, your family, your home, and even just your sanity… I hope you look no further- we can take this world by storm- elegantly and courageously- as long as we are equipped with the essentials.

My three main categories are Choosing Joy, Essential Oils, and Adoption.

Choosing Joy expands on everything from organizing and setting up your home, maintaining your family or marriage to finding some time to spend clearing your mind or filling your heart with scripture.

Essential Oils are little miracle bottles of the world’s most natural substances designed to support our bodies and our family. I share my favorites, my recipes and how you can get your hands on these little beauties too! Some pages are secret and designed just for my team and fellow oilers- so get started so you can take a peak!

And finally.. Adoption. When my husband and I embarked on our journey for Adoption I couldn’t help but feel that there was no concise place to help me get started and find the information I needed. No one was there to map it out and answer my questions – I figured why not give it a try and hopefully our journey can help inspire other’s journeys too.

You can find a menu towards the top of the screen for categories of blog posts as well as other essentials to life. I hope this blog brings joy and encouragement to all who read.

Any questions? Contact me!

-xoxo Chelsea Haines

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